The UK’s largest provider of the Work Programme, the Department for Work and Pensions’ key initiative to substantially reduce unemployment.  Providing jobseekers with all the support they need to find and keep a job for the long term

The Coaching Academy worked with Ingeus, delivering a series of coach training workshops to a number of its Operations Managers and Advisors as part of their continuous improvement policy and in line with their Personal Development Reviews (PDR)

  • Our objectives were to deliver 4 Coach Training Workshops across 5 UK-based offices to c40 Deputy Operations Managers and HR professionals.
  • Ingeus planned to use the coaching skills as part of an on-going culture change within the organisation. Working towards a much more collaborative team where feedback is evidence-based and strength-centred and individuals ask questions of each other rather than impose agenda.
  • The coaching tools would also be used by Managers to coach their teams as part of their PDRs and to empower their teams to increase performance during a period of change.
  • The coaching skills further equipped the managers with strategies to help staff manage their expectations during a period in which jobs were at risk whilst government contracts were being negotiated
  • The Coaching Academy then delivered the fundamental coaching skills and models to c40 Advisors over 4 locations across the UK.
  • Ingeus planned to increase the skillset of the Advisors to ensure that the coaching principles could impact on the Company’s Clients as part of their strategy to reduce unemployment in the UK.

Due to ongoing success, Ingeus subsequently invested in 7 of their Management Team, putting them through The Coaching Academy’s accredited Corporate & Executive Coach Training Programme.