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The identified needs and key objectives were to:

  • Conduct a benchmarking exercise of the top sales performers throughout Europe using ‘DISC’ Psychometric Profiling
  • Devise a strategy to replicate top performers
  • Help implement a standard operating procedure for team recruitment
  • Improve group sales team retention
  • Conduct a DISC training plan for the European group


  • Benchmarking exercise conducted

Our DISC profiles are available in several European languages which enhanced the accuracy of the outcome when profiling the top ten percentile of the organisation.

  • Top performing team member profiles identified

Once the results of the benchmarking exercise had been thoroughly analysed, we were able to identify specific DISC characteristics of the top performers, devising a strategy to reproduce performance excellence within the greater team.

  • Recruitment strategy implemented

Our DISC online system allowed us to filter certain DISC characteristics during the recruitment phase – refining and strengthening the interview process. The direct result of implementing this strategy was the recruitment of a high performing sales team.

  • Team Retention strategy

Part of the strategy to retain existing and new high performing team members was to help managers modify their communication style to manage their team. The ‘modify to manage’ process was an integral part of the DISC training process. Team retention within the group significantly improved during the following 24 months.

  • DISC Training

Part of developing a stronger culture saw the inclusion of bespoke DISC training for the European group to ensure a working knowledge of DISC was present and how to apply this learning. Training was appropriately adapted to the varying levels present within the organisation such as Directors, Managers and team members alike.