Corporate Solutions

The Coaching Academy Corporate Solutions provides bespoke coaching and training for organisations. Our work revolves around people, from CEOs and top line executives through to managers and teams.

We work with you to help drive your organisation from where it is now, to where you want it to be. In doing so we help you create powerful strategies and develop the perfect environment and team.

Our core components are:

1. Executive & Management Coaching

Corporate Coaching Solutions

Have you ever wondered how to get the best possible performance out of your leaders?

Executive and management coaching does that

Did you know that 38% of employees don’t think their boss is good at what they do? Or that 74% of employees feel forced to make decisions because their boss isn’t competent enough to do so? 1


Good management is about taking the time to meet your team’s needs, engaging with them and supporting them. An engaged workforce is one where commitment levels are high, teams are pulling together and the chances of reaching potential and exceeding organisational KPIs is increased.

The trend towards coaching becoming embedded as a routine aspect of corporate practice is continuing which is exactly why our Executive and Management Coaching Solutions continues to go from strength to strength.

Our Executive Coaching sessions utilise powerful questioning models, tools and techniques to help you:

  • Tackle tough decisions head on
  • Unlock creativity to be adaptive to the current economic climate
  • Work through strategic planning processes
  • Forward plan rather than ‘fight fires’
  • Succession plan to retain and motivate talent
  • Ensure you build a sustainable, successful and robust organisation.

Many executives have never been coached or developed so are doing the best they can. Just imagine what a difference some management coaching could make to the leaders in your organisation so that they are both competent and confident to do the job raising not only their own performance but the performance of the teams they manage and lead.

Some of your managers may also want to go on to become qualified coaches themselves. Just imagine what a difference that could create in building a coaching culture in your company.

1 Chartered Management Institute / OnePoll survey, June 2011.


 2. High Performing Team Development

Corporate Coaching Solutions

Do you want to achieve increased employee engagement leading to improved results for your organisation?

A well designed team development programme will enable you to achieve that.

Our credo is simple – your front line influences your bottom line. Ignore them at your peril. 70% of managers say morale in their organization has dropped since October 2010 and 45% say employee engagement has dipped 2.


Now more than ever, organisations should be building managerial capability if they want to thrive in the new economy. They need to build leadership teams capable of driving change, managing it, and ethically exploring and exploiting opportunities for growth.

High Performing Team Development and Coaching Sessions focus on those critical areas which will have maximum impact and benefit to your organisation.

From change management to enhanced personal effectiveness and developing relationships, our coaches and trainers have a proven track record in delivering solutions that lead to measurable results.

We work with you to:

  • Develop talent management initiatives and retain high potential within your organisation through effective appraisals, purposeful 360 degree feedback and talent recognition strategies
  • Unlock the power of your people by creating an environment where employee engagement is key and ideas are allowed to flourish
  • Identify and recruit new talent, suited to the specific role – individuals who want THIS job not A job
  • Modify leadership and communication styles to effectively manage and maintain teams.
1 Chartered Management Institute Economic Outlook survey, April 2011


3. Dynamic Training Sessions & Seminars

Corporate Coaching Solutions

Do you want to raise the performance and results of your organisation?

Our solutions provide quality training and coaching to secure the future of your organisation.

Training is only as good as the result it gives you. This is why your people, coupled with commercial awareness are always at the centre of our assignments.


We provide wide-ranging measurable results through interactive training sessions and seminars that are customised, cutting edge and designed in collaboration with you to meet the unique needs of your organisation and team.

We work with organisations to deliver bespoke in-house accredited coach training. Our solutions will help your organisation adopt a coaching culture to improve key areas such as productivity, communication, motivation and team-work.

Our corporate solutions are delivered by some of the UK’s leading corporate coaches and trainers. Our team has experience in abundance and our content has been designed to ensure delegates leave the room armed with new-found knowledge, purpose and enthusiasm.

We deliver remarkable results that are highly practical and commercially viable. The figures speak for themselves with 98% of attendees on our training days rating the experience as above average or excellent.