Andrew Jenkins

Andrew has a wide ranging career which includes working closely with blue chip global companies as well venture capitals, management, consultancy, IT and Engineering corporations.  He now mainly works with leadership, management and business teams in large global enterprises, specialising in talent management.  Andrew’s highly respected coaching and training style is to encourage professionals to draw on their unique strengths and play down any weaknesses.

Andrew has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in operational development and is undoubtedly a leader at helping clients overcome obstacles that get in the way of their business vision. He ensures compelling outcomes and plots the path to reaching them for his clients which in turn translate to bottom line benefits.

Andrew is a Chartered Engineer with a BSc and MSc.  He is a fully qualified executive coach and psychotherapist, as well as a Master NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner. In addition to this he is accredited to administer Myres Briggs, Strength Finder and Strengths Deployment Inventory personality profiles. For the past 4 years Andrew has also delivered a large proportion of The Coaching Academy’s qualification course.

Andrew is a make-it-happen person and those lucky enough to work with him find him to be warm, intelligent and highly engaging.  He has gained a strong reputation by helping his clients reach into and draw out untapped resources and talent. The result being successfully delivering personal development and organisational change.