Pam Lidford

Pam is one of the top confidence coaches in the country.  She is a performance and results orientated coach who uses her business and corporate experience to work closely with a large variety of well-known companies such as Emirates, EMap, Royal Mail, Network Rail, in the role of consultant, trainer, supervisor and coach.

She has worked with senior managers and team members on projects including leadership training, change management, presentation skills, goal setting, confidence challenges as well as rolling out and embedding bespoke coaching training programmes across the UK.  Whilst exploring and understanding the dynamics, processes and culture of an organisation, Pam uses traditional coaching methods and skills, psychological tools and Neuro Linguistic Programming to ensure client success.

Pam has more than 24 years of business experience, is university educated and has qualifications in Psychology, Teaching and Assessment. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and an Accredited Performance Coach and coaching Supervisor.  For the past seven years she has been working as a trainer in association with The Coaching Academy and has created and delivers a substantial percentage of their coaching qualification courses.  Pam is also part of a team who deliver high quality, entertaining, weekly, information based coach training to large audiences.